This blog is all about words. Thoughts shaping words, words shaping worlds, and of course worlds shaping words. One of the most widespread blabla: PRODUCING GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

During these two years, I was a regular attendee to GREEN ICT seminars. Researcher from other countries, PhD students, and professors from our university came to give talks about their research. I enjoyed it very much, especially when there were many people and everyone’s field is different from others. Students and professors exchanging ideas and asking bizarre questions. It pleased me to see a mixture of fields, points of view trying to approach one particular topic, always, far from theirs.


The most enjoyable seminar was about Matrix theory and applications. A very young man from Supelec talked about the Matrix theory. I can tell from the talk that the theory is here to cope with the imperfections of the ordinary statistics. Many statistical theorems came to describe behavior of a particular phenomenon if we were given only limited (either at time, space or frequency) number of observation. When observing a phenomenon and extracting data, the classical theory of statistics deals only with one dimension data. The laws of classical statistics doesn’t survive when dealing with multidimensional data, these laws just gave wrong, distorted and biased results when trying to predict or at least guess the behavior when given only limited number of observation. I mean by guessing, given n values, can you guess the behavior of these values if n goes to infinity? Matrix theory is here to suggest other techniques and perspectives based on linear algebra (especially using eigenvalues…).  The green part here, lol, was matrix theory to enable green wireless technology.


Amazing things, just amazing things. Other seminars were about game theory, cognitive radio, 4th generation, cloud computing, interference management….

Many researchers at GREEN ICT worked on GREEN aspect topics as PhD thesis or internships. It’s all about information technology, network communication and staff. And it’s all about increasing the percent of money gained by reducing base station energy consumption for cellulars, spectrum band utilization, datacenters energy consumption. Money and money… it’s all about money. Money has come to share interests with Nature. And we’re here with labeled GREEN technology. If the world is shaped for us, or it is here for us, we should witness sort of convergence of interests. This sort of convergence remind me of the imaginary GRAVITY TRAINS: a transportation mean intended to rely on gravitation force.

I like all of this but still don’t appreciate how we consume it, I mean how we receive all this green technology advertisement. There are shared interests between nature and greedy humans, shared interests between FRIENDS of nature and WORSHIPER of money, intentions aren’t the same though.



2 thoughts on “G R E E N

  1. “Money has come to share interests with Nature”
    Na9nouuuu9 :D!

    Boy, I wish you wrote a report on every conference you’ve attended. And if you could be clearer with the Matrix theory one, it’d be even better! Obviously it’s still fresh in your mind and I think this is a first draft 8B!

    I’d like to read more about the subject 8B, you think you can rewrite the post or dive in the science to come up with an explanatory article?

    • Na9nou9? Copyright duda :D. I’m just kidding just kiding.

      Well, concerning matrix theory, I just intended to briefly talk about the content of the seminars. Matrix theory wasn’t my goal.

      I appreciate your idea and I’ll work it out, I’ll write a post for every topic I remember, I’ll have a look at my copybook 🙂 :). So I think I could do it, expect detailed topics.

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