Illuper’s Mihrab

Breakfast Table

I spent the week-end in another haven of mine: in Illu’s room. In her solitary silent space in the end of the walkway of the campus, I feel like we’re in  a “محراب” -sanctuary-. And we are indeed: in this room, with this girl and her laptop always in front of her, there’s the passion of science, the holy quest of knowledge and the never-boring-everlasting discussions about the human nature and ourselves. We never get bored, never run out of discussions to have and things to share and never get tired of each other when one of us is taken away by her passionate speech.

By night, we listened to Sleeping Sun by Nightwish, a band cherished by Illu’ and that I liked. On the loop, the song’s lyrics remind us of some day and some soft wishes. Memories.

We shared movies, we shared little stories, we shared food and…

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Mosquee Hassan II

I went to the book fair in casablanca in order to look for the “Le Petit féroce contre les marmicreux” for a little relation of mine and I ended up  buying everything but it. I bought “one hundred years of solitude” and “Dead souls”. After that, I run to the Mosquee Hassan II in front of the book fair, contemplating the giant building that was beautifuly enjoying the feel of the sky. I thought it was a good idea to take some photos and bring them out. It was curious that I didn’t take any photo of the book fair…

The great gate from where male worshiper enter the mosquee.



Well, I have a cat named Minouch, he’s 6 months now. Minouch has learnt how to show respect. Stop! Respect is a big word with no incontrovertible meaning! Within our world, respect has gender, nationality and more: it is human. Sometimes it has a religion and age! However, I cannot figure out a word to say that Minouch don’t bite me anymore, he calmed down.  When he was still a kitten, I used to hand him my fingers to bite it since he had no tooth and after he grew up you can imagine how painful his bite was. To stop him, I read everything I found about how cats learn and how a you should deal with them in order to communicate your ‘will’.  Beat him, no I wouldn’t, scream at him, use water… I had tried many things but to little avail. And suddenly, he doesn’t bite anymore. In fact, it is not as suddenly as it seems. Mum has the answer. Actually, Minouch doesn’t live with me these days, I leave it to mum to look after him, since I couldn’t bring him with me to the School. When asking her, she said she didn’t anything special but: @ let him wander away with the cats of the street, he returns back when he’s hungry. Now he keeps company to the cat of our neighbor and brings him to the house.
‘Respect’ is not the only thing Minouch has learnt during his existence within our house. Cats don’t rely on words to communicate their will, they are instead more inclined to use body language. But Minouch now myaaaaaaws myaaaaws whenever he needs something! But he didn’t myaaaaw myaaaaw everytime, I actually seem myaaaaw myaaaawing several times before he did one! My friend says that is true for all animals, when an animal needs something, he acts accordingly. An optimized use of energy and language… I don’t know whether they didn’t exceed necessity to luxury as it is with humans. But one thing is sure , I seem to talk to Minouch more often than he seems to do!!