We should learn to see the good side in things. It’s a healthy lifestyle and it’s also a sentence to rehearse in order to feel better after a bad experience.

It always strikes me how scared people are when you begin to talk BAD SIDES. Talking bad sides is bad, it’s not healthy and of course it doesn’t help feeling any good. Here I’m not mentioning facts to which we’re related emotionally. I mean I’m talking about facts, mere facts not relating to us emotionally. For instance, critics!!!

I cannot understand why one should talk only GOOD SIDES to feel better.  It’s childish to twist facts in order to feel better. Instead of learning to see the good sides of things, I think we should learn to see both and grow up. Yes, because ‘the world is full of ugliness……… as well as beauty’ as Pr.B.K said. We should face Ugliness, be able to taste bitter food and swallow it. Your very own impartiality shouldn’t be ceded to the dislike/fear of the BAD.

Honestly, bad, good, blabla…… It’s all relative, and also how we do feel when thinking BAD SIDES or GOOD SIDES is also relative to the person. (GOOD+BAD) SIDES are not the whole SIDE. Synergy between the two SIDES is required to approach the whole thing and may be to feel better too!!! TV reinforces the sense of talking, appearing, and bringing out only only the GOOD SIDE. Marketing spirit intrudes into the very thin idea, talk and… of our life and melted into our way of analysis to the point that one confuses BEAUTYFUL with GOOD.

Actually, I do like talking BAD SIDES and that’s why I appreciated very much the work of Pr. Barbara Kellerman when she wrote about BAD LEADERSHIP. You know the fuss about LEADERSHIP blabla… Everyone wants to be a leader, goodness!! But Barbara fascinated me by her BAD SIDES talking. She talked about the bad leadership, described it. Enough courage to talk about it, what makes bad leadership and more she categorized it according to several criteria. Undoubtedly, we all have encountered this kind of leadership, in school, clubs…