Welcome reader!

It’s Illupergirl. I was impressed by the blog-ability to link us to pepole sharing the same interests. Sharing interests in the sense that they are speaking the same language or ‘etre dans la meme longueur d’onde’  as frenchman would say. I’ve created this blog in this respect. Perhaps, I’ll write commentaries about everyday’s life, woman’s rights, science, philosophy and even about a mathematical theorem… No restrictions, since nothing  is predictable and thinking is a non stop human activity!  Well, for a layman almost everything is equally probable, so it is for thinking about something but to write it down : is something less probable than the former, at least with me. So I hope to be a regular writer….

As for you, dear reader, you come across this page and you’re unintentionally reading these words, we’re nameless to eachother and we may be sharing no interest and even if it seems we’re speaking the same language, there is a considerable probability that we are not since any phrase has several meaning and is open to misinterpretation….there is an idea as it is and as I see it and as I express it using words and as words may be understood and finally as you, dear reader, may understand it.

you’re probably telling me: it depends on how you look at it. yes, indeed!!

Well, it was about illupergir’s blog…….